Posted by: chtentv | January 30, 2009

When the Pm cries..

Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda was yesterday moved to tears on the floor of Parliament in Dodoma, on being asked to explain his recent remark that those responsible for the ongoing brutal ritual killings of albinos in some parts of the country must also be killed.

“It is really painful to witness the brutality being committed against the albinos. This is pure murder. As a nation, we can no longer tolerate this,” he said, before taking off his spectacles to wipe his tears.

Mr Pinda broke down when responding to a question by the Leader of the Opposition in the House, Mr Hamad Rashid Mohammed.

The Civic United Front MP for Wawi had sought a clarification from the Premier on reports that he had said during a recent public rally that people caught red-handed killing albinos should also be killed on the spot.

Speaking during the PM’s Question Time, a visibly emotional Mr Pinda defended his statement, saying: “I seek forgiveness from God if what I said is worse than what the killers of albinos are doing to their fellow human beings.”

Mr Mohammed, describing the statement as an extrajudicial order, said it could undermine the rule of law and good governance.

In his clarification, Mr Pinda did not deny issuing such a statement, but said that it had be misinterpreted.

He said his only intention was to show the seriousness with which the Government was addressing the albino killing menace.



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